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Aid to Artisans Video What We Do

Aid to Artisans Video - 'What We Do'
In a world of mass production, the touch of the hand has value.
— Docey Lewis, International Design Consultant, Textile Innovator

What We Do

We create economic opportunities for artisan groups around the world where livelihoods, communities, and craft traditions are marginal or at risk.

We blend a passion for the deep-rooted cultures and handmade traditions of the developing world with a commitment to building profitable businesses. Environmentally sound practices are at the foundation of our methodology. We recognize that we can only bring lasting economic growth if we provide an integrated approach to product development, business skills training, market access and eco-effective processes.

We accomplish this by working together with partners in the countries where we work and in the markets we connect artisans with, leaving behind an infrastructure that continues to support the artisan community long after we complete our mentoring.

Market Access

Market Access

The real impact of ATA's work shows in generating new sales and linking to new markets. We believe it is critical to create new products with market appeal and to ensure that our production methods are eco-effective and can sustain these new products. Our marketing objective is simple: Link artisans to new markets and ensure those links can continue growing well beyond ATA's involvement. more
Business Skills Training

Business Training

Whether we are working in a classroom setting, in the field with artisans, or in a customized training, we always focus on building the capacity of artisans to compete in the global marketplace. Our training is world renowned for providing trend forward market information to assure that our participants can sustain their competitive edge. more
Product Development

Product Development

Innovative and competitive products emerge from the collaboration between market-savvy designers and creative and inspirational artisans. more